Aug 12, 2012

Episode 13

Greetings OMGNAPers!

Jeppy and I just had an absolute blast with our guest this week. We both want to thank Hypknotoad immensely for joining us!

We have been posting episodes much more often recently, and despite the fact that Dreams will begin working again soon, we hope that we can continue the consistency. We will still be trying for as close to a weekly posting as we can get. News just keeps coming, after all, so there is never a shortage of material or conversation.

Don’t forget that you can find us on Twitter. @OMGNAP for the podcast news, @eljeppy for Jeppy, and @inmyowndreams for Dreams. We are also available on Podbean, Stitcher, and in the iTunes store. :-)

This show's articles: Man arrested after calling 9-1-1 to ask for a beer delivery Pillow Fort Bomb at guard desk for several weeks

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Aug 4, 2012

Episode 12


Thank you so much for listening to another episode of Oh My Goodness, Not Another Podcast! This week was a very exciting week, as there were two guests - one whom has known me since I was around fifteen (poor man, I know), and another whom is one of my favorite voices ever. Eszrah and Tinock!

Unfortunately, Jeppy was unable to make this episode, though he did try. He sent bum squeezes and hugs to the guests, and hellos to the listeners. (If you all behave yourselves, you might just get some bum squeezes, as well. But that would be to his discretion.)

We got through more stories today than we usually do, but that’s awesome! Here are the links: (From my home town - striking her boyfriend wtih a stripper pole) (Fight over... Kool-Aid?)

(The Pi Pies mentioned by Tinock) @RosannaPansino - This is the source for the intro and outtro background music.


Aug 2, 2012

Episode 11 (Again)

(This episode is a repeat, some may already have listened. I actually fixed some issues, and hopefully it will run smoothly on iTunes again. I do apologize for the inconvenience! But I did want to get it fixed ASAP.)


Welcome to another episode of OMGNAP. :-) This episode we have a pair of Aussies using the names Melindria and ForteTwo, and we have the illustrious Jeppy. (We have Jeppy for the second in a row - shhhh, don’t say anything! It might jinx it!) We did have to schedule between three different time zones this time, so I was a little groggy - hehe. That’s ok! It only adds to the amusement, I swear. >.<

As always, here are the links to the news articles we covered today. I am afraid that I do not have links for the rabbit trails, but that’s quite alright, we enjoy following them. (Sent by Kithore)

(Burger King vs. Hungry Jack’s)'s

(heartwarming) This is the source for the intro and outtro background music.


Jul 21, 2012

Episode 10

Oh My Goodness! We made the 10th episode!

I’m so, so happy to reach this milestone. There have been blips and technical difficulties along the way, but we are here!

For this epic episode, I am joined by Jeppy and Juuno - two of my favorite co-hosts. We have a lot of fun, and in honor of the milestone, this episode is 2 hours long. (!!!!) I didn’t actually intend it to turn out that way, but we were having so much fun, I just didn’t stop us until we all had to go do other things. :-)

ALSO, you will notice that the podcast has a brand new intro! I believe the music used in it is awesome and exactly what I was looking for to start and end the podcast - along with a few of the listeners piping in with the name of the cast, of course. I found the music at the following link - check out the artist. He seems very talented.

I hope that you have a wonderful week, that I can bring you another episode next week, and that the technical difficulties have been resolved. Woot!

(Speaking of technical difficulties, I have had some listeners who have let me know that the episode randomly jumps when listening on their mobile devices - changing to another episode in the middle. I have tried to track down this problem myself, and I can’t figure it out! I edited this episode very minimally in an attempt to fix it. I have it down to one of two things. I didn’t use one of them this time - if this episode works, I know that was the problem. If it still gives the listeners trouble, I’ll try taking out the other thing instead. We’ll track it down! Thank you so much for listening despite the issues!

Listening on the computer or online doesn’t seem to be an issue. I am able to listen from iTunes directly without a problem, and I am able to listen through both Stitcher and Podbean without a problem.)

Website Resource Links for this Episode:


Jun 30, 2012

Episode 9

Goodness, the technical difficulties were flying this episode! We had 9 recordings. (9!!!) So, as a result, some of it may seem a bit non-linear. I didn’t leave in all of the conversations in between, just a couple that were particularly amusing for one reason or another before we started again.

My co-host this week was Ashayo! Goodness, I had so much fun recording with him, despite the internet difficulties, and he was very patient with my crazy connection problems. We worked through them all, disconnected and reconnected repeatedly, and had to double check that the program was recording so many times that it nearly made my head spin, but it was all worth it. I think each episode just keeps getting easier and easier for me to record and edit. (Which is good for you, the listener, because it means I get things out more often. Yay!)

Upcoming is a bit of a vacation for me - I’ll be away from the household for two weekends, and since my recording software is on my desktop, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to record during my absence. As such, it’ll be a bit before we have another recording of OMGNAP, but hopefully we can get that arranged soon for the 10th episode. I also highly intend to have the intro (and maybe even an outtro?) ready by that point, so it is not quite so abrupt a beginning and ending.

I hope you enjoy! As always, here are the links to the stories we covered this time: - Man arrested for threatening to beat a neighbor, but he had to poo first.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE - Michigan has talking urinals to combat DUI ratings during the July 4th holiday. - Expensive but awesome items to blow cash on. - Hand sanitizer recall because it contains bacteria. - No, you can’t have a cigarette. And I’m going to shot you, too! Crazy. - Woman suing 13 year old pitcher for accidentally hitting her with the ball. - Men aren’t actually more wired toward promiscuity after all! - Many families will finally be able to seek closure after 60 years of uncertainty and wonder.


Jun 20, 2012

Episode 8

It’s only been two weeks this time! That’s better, right?

I did intend to record last weekend, but I was in the middle of moving and simply had not set up my computers yet. Come to find out that I did actually get it in time, but that’s alright.

Next week the record time will change, as Sunday is my 12 year wedding anniversary with my husband, and my childrens’ birthday - they will be 8. I believe we’ll be focused on other things that day. I am hoping to still have a recording, however, Friday afternoon, Saturday, or Monday! We’ll see if anyone is willing to record with me. >.<

I am still looking for recordings of people saying, “Oh My Goodness, Not Another Podcast!” I will start working on the mash-up intro this week, and am hoping to get a few more voices in there. :-) We can ALWAYS add more in the future, however, or make rotating ones, if you happen to send it in. I want to have it ready for Episode 10.

This week I am again missing Juuno and Jeppy, but I do have Necronomicon (or Necrobob) as my guest host, and he’s an absolute blast. He’s been a performer, prop maker, magician, etc. in Las Vegas, Nevada and now in Macau, China. Just a great person to have on the show, and it was a ton of fun recording with him this week. :-) There were also little cameos of his absolutely lovely wife commenting in the background.

Without further ado, here are the news articles we will be talking about this week. We hope you enjoy! - An incentive for citizens of Mexico City to clean up the poo their dogs make in the park - DNA testing of dog poo... isn’t that going a bit far? - Discarded wrappers used to track thieves - 51 funniest tweets of all time - Be careful with spray can sunscreen around charcoal. Just sayin’. - When you steal a person’s credit card, it isn’t all that smart to use your personal discount card once you finally use it. - Mother arrested after getting high on marijuana, then leaving her baby on the top of her car as she drove off. - A man proposes to a cow fanatic with a cow as his wingman.


May 27, 2012

Episode 7

Howdy, folks!

I want to, first, apologize that it has been so long since an update to this podcast. Life has been absolutely insane for everyone involved, and it just hasn't happened for a while. HOWEVER! This episode is special, and very random. It was recorded on May 14, and I FINALLY got it out now, before the end of May. I do hope you enjoy the special guests, and the conversation throughout the show.

--------------------------- - Making Snow from Human Poo - Woman Bites Boyfriend’s Leg While Trying to Keep Him from Leaving - Why Rich Pet Owners are Insane - Anniversary of the Sandwich - $60,000 Custody Battle for Puppy!page=1&pageSize=10&sort=newestfirst - Not Enough Fish - Young Boy Stages WBC Counter-Protest


Apr 22, 2012

Episode 6

Episode 6 is dedicated to Angel Davis, our (Dreams’ and Kithore’s) little man who left this world three years ago today. We will always love you, Angel.

This episode is ALSO dedicated to Graven - the man who tweets so many news stories I can barely keep up. Heh. Every news story on this episode was tweeted to OMGNAP by Graven, so this is officially dubbed the Big G Episode, even if we aren’t usually naming episodes.

Featuring only Dreams and Juuno this week (and some fun cameos by Kithore), we have a few tears reminiscing about those we have lost, and then proceed to have a blast with our usual news stories. We hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to email us at or send us a tweet at @omgnap. :-)

---------------------------------- - World’s Biggest McDonald’s - Council Threatens to Confiscate Pet Sheep - Hair-stealing busker faces the music - Real-Life Rapunzel, 12, Set to Cut Hair for the First Time - Firefighters Rescue Dunwoody Woman from Trash Chute - Girl’s Car Deliberately Crushed by Monster Truck

Our Feel Goods for this Episode:


Apr 15, 2012

Episode 5

As I am missing my co-host again (I hope you feel better, Jeppy!!!), there are a couple of guest hosts joining me this week. Please welcome Jeremy and Jur in their podcasting debut! They have never participated as a host in a podcast before now, and I had so much fun recording with them.

Please remember, if you would like to send us an email or share an interesting news story that you find, feel free to email us at

Keep a watch on the twitter feed (@omgnap) for a request I'm going to make to our listeners. If it pulls through, it should be a lot of fun, and it will result in an intro for the podcast! :-)

--------------------- - Star Wars Stormtrooper - Robbing Banks with a Toilet Plunger - Governor outruns 4 bears... barefoot -helicopter parents - How Important is Internet Access? - 10 year old saves life by calling 9-1-1


Apr 10, 2012

Episode 4


Please excuse the sometimes grainy quality of the audio. We had inclement weather, and it occasionally played havoc on the Skype call with the guest hosts. :-) Also please excuse the tardiness of this episode - with the holiday weekend, the recording time was adjusted so people could enjoy their families on Easter.

Other than that, this episode was a total blast with the help of Juuno and Ogre. We missed Jeppy, as he had family aggro, but he should be joining me again next week for yet another edition.

Here are the ever-present links to the stories we spoke about in this episode! (There are a lot this time.)

Thank you for listening!

- Dreams

Note: This SHOULD have an explicit tag. I did mark the "Explicit - yes" box. If it doesn't, be aware that this episode has more than the usual amount of cursing (though still isn't nearly as bad as most movies or late night television shows IMHO), and some news articles that would not be safe for work or the ears of children.



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