OMGNAP Reboot Episode 1 - Top 5 Dumbest Criminals


Long time no see, OMGNAP fans! Lives get crazy, time gets short, and episodes get... not edited. I offer my greatest apologies. We are going to try to make this a little more regular, which I've said many times. I think I shall try to apply some Metamucil to the podcast, and see what we can do from there. Never know.
Here are the links to the news stories we talked about today on the podcast. Don't forget to give us some feedback! We actually have lots of questions for you to answer on today's cast, just listen in and then get ahold of us via email ( or on twitter @omgnap.

#5 Tom Brady's helmet tattooed to his head (ouch!) 

#4 Prisoner suing NFL for $88 BILLION dollars.

#3 Steal an iPad? Don't forget to take a selfie!

#2 The new Grinches who stole Christmas

#1 Woman arrested for walking her boyfriend, naked, down the street on a leash

And we can't forget that extra we talked about: